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    Jesse has been involved with boxing his entire life. As a child, residing in East Los Angeles he experienced first hand the struggles of inner city life.  Immediately noticed how boxing engaged him deeply in the passion of pursuing a mentorship.
   He believes in a principled approach to the fundamentals of Boxing, that includes the development of personal character as well as physical strength. His focus on respect, confidence, righteousness, discipline, and vision has made him one of the most sought trainers in  Boxing and MMA Strikeup trainers in the Inland Empire. 

Some of Jesse's accomplishments include:

  • Certified USA Amateur  Boxing Coach
  • License Professional Boxing Coach 
  • Certified Conditioning Coach
  • Modify Diet Tech
  • Masters of Business Management (University of Redlands)
  • Bachelors in Criminal Justice (National University)
  • United States Navy Retiree
  • Over 20 National & Regional Champions
  • Over 20 years’ experience in Amateur & Professional Boxing
  • Professional Boxing Match Maker

Feliz Nance

Feliz is a Connecticut native  whose amateur career started at the young age of 15 years. After years as a successful amateur in the 1970’s, Nance was a National Golden Gloves runner up.  He won over 50 amateur fights and turned Professional in 1980.  With 19 professional bouts under his name and appearing in numerous televised fights, He now brings the experience, knowledge and intelligence to Temecula Boxing.

  • Certified USA Amateur  Boxing Coach
  • License Professional Boxing Coach 

Francisco (Panchito) Jimenez

He began boxing as an amateur at the age of 14 and after 15 wins  in Mexico , in which he got his first and only amateur loss. He turned Professional in 1970, with over 20 professional fights he now leads Temecula  boxers to victories. Panchito comes from boxing royalty, many in Mexico believe his uncle/trainer Humberto “Betillo’ Jimenez  is one of the best boxers of its era.  Panchito has produce and train numerous World Champs on both side of the border, which includes his son Jose Alfredo Jimenez ( WBC) #1 rank in 1990, His nephew Betillo Jimenez Youth WBC Champion (2011), His niece Leticia Gutierrez (WBO) classified to name a few. His quote “We do our talking with results”.

  • Certified USA Amateur  Boxing Coach
  • License Professional Boxing Coach 

  Joseph Rodrigues

As a Southeast Academy of Military and Law Enforcement graduate, Joseph has become a key developer in enhancing and developing military cadet’s physical reediness and now he shares his knowledge with amateurs and Professional Boxers and MMA fighters.  He has the technique and knowledge to utilize cross functioning training as a conditioning coach, you would be glad he puts the interest of his athletes first, and provides some of the most successful s strength and conditioning programs in the world.

  • Certified USA Amateur  Boxing Coach


Juwawn  Hairston

Juwawn is a well-respected instructor, he represented the All Marine Boxing Team and fought in many top level national and international competition as an amateur boxer in the early 1990’s.  He’s is a decorated Marine, that leads with exemplified service as a coach, mentor and leader.

                In 2010, Juwawn extended his expertise to the USMC and become the Camp Pendleton Varsity Boxing Coach.  His coaching expertise as a boxer, lead his team to many victories.  He now assists Boxers and MMA individuals the art of “The Sweet Science” at Temecula Boxing Training Academy.

 Certify Boxing Coach

 Come in to Temecula Boxing for a free class. You are sure to be inspired! Experience, Knowledge, Results!

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